Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today I saw a sticker on the window of an orange Mustang, and it said:

This vehicle is protected by a passive alarm system!

So I was thinking, should that say, "You are being warned!" Because if an orange Mustsang is going to start bandying bad grammar all about, I want to be duly notified. Not that passive voice is bad (and it really shouldn't be used as a weapon, Ford), but I can only listen to so much of it in one sentence before cringing.

Currently I am in the office I share at Marymount, shirking my responsibilites as a dutiful student, and postponing the inevitable research of the day. On the plus side, the wireless on my shiny laptop is so good, that I am picking it up from another building.


I haven't been sleeping very well recently, and I really wish that this was Thursday, and the end of the week, and that this weekend wasn't going to be so busy. It is though, and I doubt I will actually have a day where I can sleep past 7:30 (because that really doesn't happen during the week). When I get home at 10pm, I'm dead tired, but in the process of getting ready for bed, preparing books for the next day, even eating the dinner I skipped earlier, I wake back up.

I need suggestions for speedy relaxation at night! (Not that more than one person will make a suggestion).

Knitting classes star in a week and a half, and I am extremely stoked (Like, tubular man). I hope that in the span of the class, I learn everything I am hoping to, and that it does not move at the pace of its slowest member (which could be me). I already know some of the basics like casting on, kniting, purling, and binding off. I even know how to do ribbing and the stockinette stich (which you can do if you know how to knit and purl).

I hope to learn how to:
1. Increase
2. Decrease
3. Cable
4. Seam
5. Tubular cast on and working with it
6. Work with multiple strands of yarn-just striping, or even something as complicated as fair isle, but I think that is a little too hopeful for a once a week for six weeks class.

I really like that linked mitten pattern, and I might buy it eventually. Probably have to sooner rather than later because she just moved her regular blog, and this one might not stay up forever. It's just a little expensive for a mitten pattern, and one that I won't be able to do right away. It also goes through the evil which is paypal, a system I have NEVER gotten to successfully work for me.

Decisions, decisions.

Well, I had better stop shirking and get down to actual work, I do have a 20-minute presentation in two weeks exactly to prepare for (and we all know how much I love to talk in front of an audience even for five minutes), and a paper due the same day.

Have I rambled enough? Probably more than I needed to.

Keep your eyes open for my knitular progress, starting in a week and a half. It will be documented photographically and with any amusing little bits I can think to add.

There, that was just enough ramble.

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