Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Bit of Orange

(I'm trying something new with the blog...bear with me for the next few posts)

I can finally see the sun, after several inches (and several days) of rain. As you can tell from my previous post, there was a lot of damage all around. In my apartment, my own damage seems relatively meager in comparison.


Don't get me wrong though. It really annoys the crap out of me that this wall is pretty much a complete loss.

And the ceiling was the next casualty.
I noticed a bit of damage at the corner of the window sill 6-8 weeks ago. I notified the residential managers immediately, and one of them came in to look at it. During Hurricane Irene, it suddenly intensified. I put towels down to protect the baseboard and carpet, but that couldn't save the wall.

Leaks popped up around all four corners of the window. The two lower corners were the worst. I called the residential managers again. The lead came out with the building architect to look at it and figure out how the water was coming in. 

And then Tropical Storm Lee came in. I put towels down, and felt pretty prepared. When I got back from work one evening however, there was even more water streaming down the walls. Two large bath towels and several dish towels were heavy with water by the end of it. But it started coming in from the ceiling while I was at work, so there is significant damage now.

Moving on, I finished a couple of projects which are both, rather surprisingly, orange. Since my favorite color is grey, I was surprised how much I liked both the yarn and finished projects.

First, a wurm hat in madelinetosh pashmina, colorway amber trinket (Ravelry Link)


I wasn't sure how a slouchy hat would look on me. I'm still not sure actually. But I liked the pattern. It was relatively straightforward, and I didn't make any modifications.


Next, a plain woven scarf in The Sanguine Gryphon Traveller, colorway Gallifrey (Ravelry Link). Although I had some trouble with warp tension on this project, my selvages and weft are both fairly even. And man is this bad boy bright. My love for this scarf is due in no small part to the Doctor Who reference.





One of the nicest things about this yarn is that despite how much red there obviously is, when the scarf hit the water, there was little to no bleeding at all.

IMG_3600My last woven scarf in two shades of String Theory Hand-Dyed Yarn Caper Sock (Ravelry Link), turned my plastic reed purple. For the next weaving project, I think I will try something other than plain weave. Not sure what yet though.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

This rain has been astounding. I have lived in this area for over twenty years, and can't remember it ever being anywhere near this bad.

I just had to deal with leaky window. My parents, however, are having a harder time of things. Here is a picture of their driveway from today (all of these pictures are from my sister-in-law):


On the right you can see the cable from the telephone line, which was exposed by the rain and cut by debris. For reference, the culvert in the background used to be UNDER the road.

Little bit of scale:




Currently, there are only two means of travel. Even tractors can stuck in this mud, so my brother is carting people around as best he can: