Friday, February 11, 2011

That's quite enough

I'm sick, and am very much ready to be done with it. I haven't even felt like knitting. However, before the worst of it set in, I was able to go the very first knit night. Mind, it was only myself and SuperFriendCrochet (aka, the M.O.P.), but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Something about knitting in public is wonderfully fulfilling. An affirmation of the craft, perhaps. This is not my hobby, this is part of my lifestyle.

Being sick obviously makes me overly introspective. I kid you not, I have been reading poetry to take my mind off the searing pain in my throat (waaay too much coughing).

Now, on to the backlog of knitting/crochet/other pictures.

First up, something embarrassingly long overdue. A picture I took when the M.O.P. and I went to Old Town Alexandria for fibre space's Black Friday sale. The whole Black Friday shopping experience isn't typically a draw for me, but I will go out for yarn. I took this picture with my phone, and I like how it turned out, flash and all.


One of the yarns I got was some Fiberphile Super Squish Worsted in Fields of Gold. I used it to crochet (yes, you did read that right) a scarf.


My crochet skills still need some practice, but no epic failures yet, so I will charge ahead.

On the knitting side, I finished the M.O.P.'s Peaks Island Hood (with yarn she bought from, surprise, fibre space). Hopefully I will get some action shots of this soon, but until then, some pics I took with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens.




I am still getting the hang of the lens (and the camera, to be perfectly honest). Although I would prefer to be starting with the 50 mm f/1.4, it just isn't feasible price-wise.

And I think my remaining energy from the day has just fizzled out with this post. Until next time.