Monday, January 2, 2012

It's rising!

Unlike my previous attempt at bread, this go-around is actually rising. It will be a couple of hours before I can see if it is successful, but at least I am showing signs of improvement.

I had a pretty nice Christmas. Got some neat gifts (including a Sonic Screwdriver from my cousin!). My cousin also made me this necklace.

IMG_4352 copy
We take artsy photos of her jewelry so she can add the pictures to her portfolio. I wish I had thought to bring my tripod with me. I could have done something a little better with the lighting I think.

Another one of my favorite gifts for the year was a macro lens. I'm still getting a feel for it, but I'm really enjoying it.


ZOMG, close-up shot of yarn!! Gah. I used chatspeak. I feel so dirty.

Some recent highlights in projects include some doubleknit bookmarks I did as a part of a swap with my friends. "Something handmade" was one of the required categories, so I pulled some charts from Alice Starmore's Charts for Color Knitting, and knit something up with tiny needles.


Next up was a Christmas gift for my mom. Her gift this year included a one-pound bag of cinnamon sticks (to stir her coffee with), some cinnamon-infused honey, and this scarf. She used both the cinnamon sticks and honey the next morning for breakfast. I'm not sure if she liked the scarf. She's the type who won't tell you if she doesn't like something. Unless it is my haircut. She doesn't mind referring to that as "Edwardian" (Still bitter about that one. I might dye my hair purple again just to make a point. Apparently, that really annoyed the heck out of her even though I was over 18 at the time. I might be taking my parenthetical bitching too far now.)

Anyway, I was pretty pleased with the scarf. It was my first time doing something other than straight plain weave. This was an extremely simple technique called Brook's Bouquet from the Weaver's Idea Book.*


And finally, a scarf for my friend Scott. The first scarf I ever knitted for someone was an Olive bulky weight creation, which I gave to Scott. Several years later, I wove Ol Olive 2.0.


I would like to do a proper heavy scarf for him within the next year, to complement the lighter woven one. Not much point for a heavy scarf at the moment though (this isn't my attempt to excuse my slow-ass knitting....not at all). It has been a pretty warm winter so far. I miss seeing snow, even if it does make it a pain to get to work.**

Of course, that scarf is just one in a queue of many items I would like to do for others this year. I know some people who need knitted socks. I think I have successfully managed my knitting to a point that it doesn't cause many carpal tunnel issues. I still have issues, but it mostly comes from work-related actions. Ah well, back to knitting. I need to knit some caps for some glittens.***

*I just checked the bread. It's still rising. HELL YES.
**The bread machine just started kneading again. Scared the crap out of me.
***mittens + gloves = glittens. Weren't expecting math on this blog, were you?