Monday, September 22, 2008

Max Doom

On Thursday, I managed to fall down the stairs. I know, my usual grace. Because of the fall, I was cranky and extremely sore for the next several days. To help you better understand the moment on Thursday, I have constructed lifelike representations:



I guess my artistic skillz don't really surprise any of you.

This morning (when I was finally able to wake up and move instead of lying in bed in pain for a little while) I thought it would be a good idea to fling my backpack (laptop and drama anthology and such) onto my back and head to school and work. And twinge. My back, which I hurt the most in my dive down the steps, immediately tightened up. Although the rest of my bruised self (my tailbone--yes, I mean my butt, and my shoulder) are doing just fine, my back has started hurting yet again. Crankiness ensues.

I would have finished my sock if it hadn't been for the proverbial banana peel on the steps. I did manage to finish my homework just fine (oh, cruel fate!). This is what I get for so casually talking about how many times I've broken my right arm. At least roommate #2 (roommate #1 was not there) was a good enough person to leave his shiny new addictive MMORPG to check on me AND not laugh.

I'm currently considering stretching out on the library floor so I can lie down. And why not?--some professors do it in their office all the time for a quick nap.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Five Minute Window Curtain

So I wanted something to cover the top half of my windows to block some of the heat from the afternoon soon, but I still wanted to be able to lie on my bed and see to read (or *cough* knit) without the lamp. So my solution was to make a half window cover to hang on the hideous brass cafe rod in my room.

Two yards of fabric, the rotary cutter, and some velcro strips later, and voila:


Fabric close-up:


I made a no-sew curtain. Essentially, I cheated. The fabric isn't anything special. It just caught my eye at JoAnn's. I'm just thankful it's not crooked. I am the queen of cutting fabric at bizarre angles. I can't draw a straight line with a stencil, let alone cut one.

Going to go knit something now....I mean, do homework.


Monday, September 15, 2008

One Day, Elizabeth Will Rule the World

My cousin Elizabeth is awesome. As soon as she got the hint that I was getting into sewing, she found me this awesome gift to help me with the process. It is a sewing box!


I got it in the mail on Friday, and just kept looking at it thinking how awesome it was. Then I opened it up and holy shnikeys:


There is stuff inside too! I admit. I squealed. Living in the area I do, where just about every person is rude and EVIL, it always surprises me when someone does something kind. For instance, yesterday, I was at Michaels because they were having a sale. I wanted to get an OLFA mat and rotary cutter. If you know anything about those, you know they are EXPENSIVE. I had both in hand, standing in line, waffling about whether or not I should put them back. I only had a coupon for $5 off and that just didn't seem like enough. Suddenly, the woman behind me asked whether or not I could use the coupon she had. It was for 50% off the price of any item. She said all of her stuff was on sale, and she didn't want to waste a good coupon on something that was already so discounted. I was a little befuddled. I didn't understand. Did she want something in return? My coupon? Candy? Compliments? ....Nope, nothing, nada. She was just being nice. I know, try to hold back your surprise. Anyway, the OLFA board that would have been $28 was suddenly $14. So thank you kind woman from Michaels. Your generosity will be immortalized forever in blog form.

In other news, I got some Cascade Eco Wool to make the Hemlock Ring Blanket [Ravelry Link]. I was looking over the yarn as I always do (in this instance thinking--this is a huge freaking skein of yarn) when I discovered a little flub on the label.


Do you see it? I am thinking of writing Cascade Yarns a letter or an email about it (although they probably already know). Typos happen. I know that very well. Lucky for Cascade, the wool is so fantastic, it makes up for any small flub. Almost 500 yards. The skein is like a brick. I could defend myself with it if need be.

And just so this post can have something knitted in it, look, I made a sock!


Pattern is Hedera [Ravelry Link] by Cookie A. I haven't really made any modifications to it (not intentionally anyway). I started its mate on Saturday or Sunday, but won't really be able to knit on it until later in the week (class). I am making this for the Sock Knitters Anonymous [Ravelry Link] September 08 Sockdown. I actually finished this sock in about ten or eleven days-- probably the fastest I have ever finished one.

That's all for now I think. I need to get to work and help those aspiring freshman writers (or just sit in my office, waiting for someone to show up if they are willing to admit they might need a little help).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hiccups make me drop stitches

No, seriously. They do. If you have been around me while I have had the hiccups, you know that they are embarassingly loud. Some people get gas. I get the hiccups. And they are loud, and they give me a headache, and they make me drop stitches from the Shedir I just restarted after a severe failure with my first attempt in some tweed.

I suppose this is my punishment for knitting at work. (The hiccups are also causing frequent typos so if you see a misspelling don't give me any of that oh but you have a degree in English crap).

Inyweigh, I have actually finished some knitting projects despite my hiccups. Knitted up two Foliages (one bulky, one worsted).

First was done in Noro Iro (I can't remember the colorway)...not sure how I feel about this one:


Second was done in Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Autumn Forest and I love this hat:


I have some other big projects going on. Finished the back of the CPH. Am finishing up Christmas gifts at a surprisingly steady rate, but unfortunately can't show pictures of those yet.

Ten minutes and the hiccups still have't gone away. I think I am starting to scare the students that walk by my office. I imagine this is the sound a baby dinosaur would make. If a baby dinosaur knitted that is.

Well, I just haven't had nearly enough sleep to sound the slightest bit sane.