Monday, September 8, 2008

Hiccups make me drop stitches

No, seriously. They do. If you have been around me while I have had the hiccups, you know that they are embarassingly loud. Some people get gas. I get the hiccups. And they are loud, and they give me a headache, and they make me drop stitches from the Shedir I just restarted after a severe failure with my first attempt in some tweed.

I suppose this is my punishment for knitting at work. (The hiccups are also causing frequent typos so if you see a misspelling don't give me any of that oh but you have a degree in English crap).

Inyweigh, I have actually finished some knitting projects despite my hiccups. Knitted up two Foliages (one bulky, one worsted).

First was done in Noro Iro (I can't remember the colorway)...not sure how I feel about this one:


Second was done in Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Autumn Forest and I love this hat:


I have some other big projects going on. Finished the back of the CPH. Am finishing up Christmas gifts at a surprisingly steady rate, but unfortunately can't show pictures of those yet.

Ten minutes and the hiccups still have't gone away. I think I am starting to scare the students that walk by my office. I imagine this is the sound a baby dinosaur would make. If a baby dinosaur knitted that is.

Well, I just haven't had nearly enough sleep to sound the slightest bit sane.

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