Sunday, June 5, 2011

Now with slightly less whining

I’m still having a difficult time with the carpal tunnel. I certainly think my arm has improved, but it hasn’t changed much recently, and I can’t go without the brace. The only knitting I have been doing is on my Mara. Rows of garter stitch might usually be considered tedious, but every stitch is a small achievement. I’d like to think about the next project I want to attempt, but it will take a while to complete this one. So in the interim, I caught up on the backlog of photographing and cataloging my stash, and grabbed a picture of my work in progress.


I have also been weaving on my Rigid Heddle loom (slowly, of course). My selvages are looking pretty even, and I am getting the hang of beating the weft evenly. Most of my problems are with the warp. I thought I followed the directions correctly, but I must have missed a step somewhere because my shed is pretty small. I will go through some more directions before I warp for the next project (you know, after I finish this one). I will also put an empty paper towel roll around my ties to even things out a bit more.


I worked on some more pictures of my grandma. The resolutions of both the original and the digital versions are low in some instances and I could only do so much, but I’m pleased with the results.

This is a great one. She makes a slouch look proper and right.




I wish I had inherited legs like these.


I can't even describe how much I love this last picture. I have a similar modern version with my cousin and some smaller tropical birds.


And now, since I have knit about as much as my arm can take this weekend, I am off to read another book!