Saturday, August 30, 2008

Doom Doom deDoom Doom

So neat yarn with interesting names make me happy, like this one from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, called "Jabberwocky:"


But I doubt you know about another joy. I like to hand sew things (the by hand part isn't really a choice--I don't particularly have the money or space for a good sewing machine).

These will be a few pillowcases:


I'm a sucker for the Asian themed fabrics and the Batiks (new additions to the collection).

In other news, I have had a tremendous headache for the past two days that no amount of Ibuprofen can seem to get rid of. It makes reading difficult. No worries, I haven't really gotten back in to the school rythym anyway.

The first sweater (Central Park Hoodie) I am working on is coming along nicely. The back is almost done:


My next three big projects (deep breath) will be another hoodie from Vogue Knitting and a pair of mittens from the same issue. Vogue Knitting has notoriously difficult patterns, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.

The real challenge will be the Faux Russian Stole from A Gathering of Lace. Pictures of someone else's project here.

Elizabeth, if you are reading this, keep an eye out for a package in the mail.

The headache is raging now. All for today.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let's All Sing the Doom Song

Let's just say it has been a really crappy three weeks. I don't really want to explain it, especially not in a public forum, but I feel I should at least explain my silence (and crankiness).

Anyway, I did get something in the mail that "brightened" my day:


That my friends, is a pig flashlight. It reminds me of something from Invader Zim (hence the title of today's blog) and made it giggle worthy x gazillion.

Some knitting projects to share:

Another Koolhaas by Jared Flood


A pair of Fetching by Cheryl Niamath


And Alamosa Mitts by Nanette Blanchard


I really enjoy the colors of the Alamosa Mitts. It was a happy surprise. And they fit...also a happy surprise.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Leaving Again

As I have finally found the inspiration to return to the blog, it is only fitting that I will be going out of town (sans internet) for a week (Aug 9th-18th-ish). I hope Elizabeth is well prepared for my visit, with yarn stores to visit and piping hot fresh donuts.


Anyway, I have finished several projects in my downtime, most of which I cannot show yet because they are Christmas gifts. Here are two, however, that I knitted for myself:

First, the Jaywalker socks by Grumperina:


Next, the Fake Isle Hat by Amy King


Finally, another pair of Dashing. These are actually a gift, but for my mom's friend, and I doubt she will ever see this.


That's all for the next two weeks I suppose. Later.