Monday, September 15, 2008

One Day, Elizabeth Will Rule the World

My cousin Elizabeth is awesome. As soon as she got the hint that I was getting into sewing, she found me this awesome gift to help me with the process. It is a sewing box!


I got it in the mail on Friday, and just kept looking at it thinking how awesome it was. Then I opened it up and holy shnikeys:


There is stuff inside too! I admit. I squealed. Living in the area I do, where just about every person is rude and EVIL, it always surprises me when someone does something kind. For instance, yesterday, I was at Michaels because they were having a sale. I wanted to get an OLFA mat and rotary cutter. If you know anything about those, you know they are EXPENSIVE. I had both in hand, standing in line, waffling about whether or not I should put them back. I only had a coupon for $5 off and that just didn't seem like enough. Suddenly, the woman behind me asked whether or not I could use the coupon she had. It was for 50% off the price of any item. She said all of her stuff was on sale, and she didn't want to waste a good coupon on something that was already so discounted. I was a little befuddled. I didn't understand. Did she want something in return? My coupon? Candy? Compliments? ....Nope, nothing, nada. She was just being nice. I know, try to hold back your surprise. Anyway, the OLFA board that would have been $28 was suddenly $14. So thank you kind woman from Michaels. Your generosity will be immortalized forever in blog form.

In other news, I got some Cascade Eco Wool to make the Hemlock Ring Blanket [Ravelry Link]. I was looking over the yarn as I always do (in this instance thinking--this is a huge freaking skein of yarn) when I discovered a little flub on the label.


Do you see it? I am thinking of writing Cascade Yarns a letter or an email about it (although they probably already know). Typos happen. I know that very well. Lucky for Cascade, the wool is so fantastic, it makes up for any small flub. Almost 500 yards. The skein is like a brick. I could defend myself with it if need be.

And just so this post can have something knitted in it, look, I made a sock!


Pattern is Hedera [Ravelry Link] by Cookie A. I haven't really made any modifications to it (not intentionally anyway). I started its mate on Saturday or Sunday, but won't really be able to knit on it until later in the week (class). I am making this for the Sock Knitters Anonymous [Ravelry Link] September 08 Sockdown. I actually finished this sock in about ten or eleven days-- probably the fastest I have ever finished one.

That's all for now I think. I need to get to work and help those aspiring freshman writers (or just sit in my office, waiting for someone to show up if they are willing to admit they might need a little help).

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