Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I had a good day. Wednesdays are always good. There are no regular classes in the day hours, so there is always parking on campus, and I have Shakespeare, which I always enjoy. However, the end of the day has left a little to be desired.

Class lets out about ten minutes late. Okay, no big deal, in a three hour class, what is ten minutes? Time is a curvy, not linear, right? I can justify that. Well, as I walked out to my car, I realized how desperately I needed to pee. Instead of walking all the way back to a building, I decided to tough out the 40 minutes it would take to drive home so I could luxuriate with my Charmin.

Forty minutes later, I sat in the Mixing Bowl, contemplating how difficult it would be to get a stain out of these jeans, or, if people would be completely perplexed if I opened my door and walked to the curb from the middle and...well, you can figure it out.

Twenty minutes later, I tried to distract myself from extreme discomfort to figure out why it was that a five-lane highway, in which everyone is trying to get on 95, and get to the other side of the road than the side they are on, why exactly it was they decided to close the two left lanes in the same place that the right lane was ending. I did not have time to wonder however, because finally, I was free, have traversed those two excruciating miles.

The rest is really a blur as headlights in my rearview mirror as I raced my way home, finally reaching it, an hour and a half after I left Marymount.

Sweet, sweet Charmin.

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