Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It's decided. When I am filthy rich and working at some fantastic job where I can afford a new car, I'm getting a Mini.

Some of you may scoff, but dammit, I'm just tired of not fitting into parking spaces. Or better yet, fitting in the space, but having to crawl out via my sunroof. The Mini can weave in and out of traffic, occasionally known to even take flight.

So watch out in the future my fellow drivers. I will be that one in the apparently full parking lot, when suddenly, you say a gap, speeding to pull in, only to realize it is a Mini, pulled up too far.

My Mini desire stems from having to spend twenty minutes looking for a parking space on campus today, before giving up, driving to their separate lot two miles away, and then being passed TWICE for pick up by the university shuttle. I went in early (an hour) today to get some extra time reading. By the time I got to campus, I was late.

Yarny images coming soon. I figured out how to cast off and finished that scarf. Hallooh, hallay. Also solved the problem of the theater performances. Professor was super cool. Said only one would have to be live, the rest can be movie form.


Sometimes, as part of the graduate experience, I guess you have no choice but to feel that anything you ever thought before and think now, is absolutely foolish, and be told so.

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