Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Penny Arcade

I'm not sure how many of you read Penny Arcade, but Wired Magazine just did an article on the creators, and it's good reading. Very funny:

I'm going to leave for class and office hours soon (haven't gotten much homework done-bad me), but I'm a little worried about the kind of degree I'm getting.

The one I want, 30-credits, requires me to be proficient in one foreign language. So does Latin count? Am I actually proficient? I hope they just take that I have completed the minor, and not make me take a test, because I will FAIL.

Anyway, need to do some reading before class. Got about 800 pages of reading due for next week.

The sky is falling.

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Phil said...

Good luck hun. I know its gotta be overwhelming (or at least I'd be overwhelmed) but you're amazing at rocking out entire textbooks once you get into them.
And can they really all of a sudden require you to master a language? I mean, they let you into the program right?
Anyways, stay strong, always on my mind.