Monday, August 27, 2007

DHL deliver packages from Hell.

Today, after a few phone calls, I finally received my laptop via DHL delivery. I wish the great UPS knight would come and slay the DHL beast, because the guy who delivered to me today was a bastard. He faked out the delivery at 4:25, saying that an attempt was made, although, I sitting eagerly beside the door, never heard so much as a rapping at my door.

I decided to call the DHL hotline, and in a firm and slightly angry voice, I demanded to know where my package was and why it was not delivered. The representative said she would contact the local DHL office so I could pick up my package and that they could explain things to me. About twenty minutes later I got a phone call. The woman said that the driver would not return until 7:45, and they close at 8pm, but I was welcome to come pick up my package. When I asked about the failed delivery, and wanting to speak to a supervisor, she said I would need to do that in person.

Another twenty minutes pass, and a yellow van pulls into my parking lot. Someone tipped off the DHL man. Needless to say, despite his rudeness and mistreatment of my box, I got my package.

Please, save yourself the hassle, and never never use DHL.

On to happier topics. I start classes tomorrow along with my hours for my graduate assistantship (including a meeting with the Dean of my college). I'm scared as hell about driving there, and finding a parking spot. I think they intentionally made 300 less parking spots than they needed.

Also, I finished the ugly pink scarf I was working on. I used the whole skein to avoid having to see it again:

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I was itching to start on something else, so I began a small scarf for one of my nieces in a purple homespun. It's coming out pretty well so far (although I can't take a nonblurry photo to save my life):

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I think that is all for today. I will post again soon and give some updates about the first day of graduate school. (Eek!)

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pswhite said...

Good luck hun! And your crocheting is at least much better than mine I must say.