Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Morning

A bit early, a puppy woke me up this morning with his barking, but with a face like his, how can I be angry? He's falling asleep as he's chewing on a toy. It's adorable.

Now, as for the week. The assistantship is going well. I'm still working on the same projects previously mentioned, and am trying to do some reading in the process. I have met a few new people, and they have all been kind. Two of the new friends I have made are international students, one now permanently living in the U.S., and one hoping to stay permanently.

My classes and professors all seem nice, but each with a different approach. The Phillip Roth wants a very intimiate setting, and a lot of conversation and questions (there are only six of us in the class). The Shakespeare teacher seemed a bit intimidating, but I don't think the class will be bad. We are required to attend at least three live performances. I've talked with my new friends, and I think we are all going to go to the Shakespeare theater in D.C. and watch it together. Going would only bother me if I had to go alone (although my super cool roommate would probably go with me).

Applied Grammar does not sound like an exciting class, but the professor is witty and uses fun examples to keep the class from becoming nap time. A lot of the information has been redundant from my last Syntax class, so huzzah.

I am currently sitting on the couch in the living room, with my feet propped up on the coffee table. Captain (the dog) in all of his adorable cunning, has lain down in the space underneath my legs. It melts the heart, and makes it extremely difficult to stand up. Oh, he's a sneaky little Border Collie, but again, how can you not love a face like his? I'd post a picture, but technically he's not my dog, Sara is his mom, and I'm the auntie. Auntie Em. Yea.

Grandma is South Carolina had her surgery, and she seems to be doing okay. My other grandma recently broke bones in both her hands and now they are both in hard casts. My Pop is going nuts taking care of her, answering the million phone calls, because she can't really hold a phone right now, and doing everything for her. I expect her to make him take up where she left in her knitting.

Not really...

Not sure what else to say, I'm not writing very well today, so I might postpone any commentary until tomorrow. I'm also going to try some knitting this weekend, and I might post the results if they are not too horrendous.

I would also like everyone (being the one or two people that acutally read this) to check out The Pyrates Royale, who play, you can guess, Pirate music. It leans towards folk music though. I really enjoy their version of The Old Dun Cow. You can sample their newest cd here.

Chris Brown is on tv, so I leave you now to change the channel. I don't hold it against him because he is from Tappahannock, it's just if I watch him any longer, my brain will melt out of my ears.

What a world, what a world.

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