Friday, April 18, 2008

Some Projects

They are mowing around my apartment today which means today I cannot breathe through my nose and it feels like my ears have Q-tips shoved an inch deep into them. How's that for imagery?

Anyway, I've done a lot of knitting over the past few weeks, and since I blow through hats pretty fast, I have some pictures of a few of them.

First, a bucket hat (Pattern: A Better Bucket--PDF). Actually finished this a while ago. I didn't really enjoy making this, but it doesn't look bad:


Next, this was supposed to be a test hat (Pattern: Lace-Edged Hat), but it looks better than the actual one. The first one is in wool, and I gave it to my roommate:


The second is in cotton (which is why it doesn't look as nice) and I have sent it to my grandma to wear in the warmer weather. Sorry for the blurry/dark photo, but I have perpetually shaky hands and even crappier camera skills:


Also, I made a sock (Pattern: Charade). I like it a lot, and have started on the second one, it will just take a while (stinkin class):


Close up of the stitch pattern (this one is closer to the actual color):


And as a side note, I found yarn in Hokie colors. I'm not sure what to make out of it...maybe a scarf?


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