Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not technically procrastinating...

I finished a paper. Fifteen pages of analysis, two pages of works cited, one page of footnotes, and some parts to a Mustang GT. It still needs some heavy revision, but I'm at the point that I feel comfortable that I can turn it in by Thursday. I did have some things cheer me up over the weekend during the writing process, but before I explain those...

Look, I made a hat!

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Pretty simple pattern. Had to switch to dpns at the end although the pattern didn't call for it. Made it for a friend's teenage daughter, hence the smallness. I'd model it...but I've got a big head. I admit it.

Now, as for the things that cheered me up over the weekend. First, I stayed late on Wednesday night to help a man with his paper. We went over almost all of it and even though the class let out an hour early, we actually ended up staying past the actual time class was supposed to end. I enjoyed the work though. Anyway, the next day we have a class together and he walks in with a surprise for me. It's a book! Richard the Third by Paul Kendall. (Both of our papers are on the play). I love these sort of historical biographies. This one may even beat Cicero by Anthony Everitt in coolness. Awesome. Two days later, I get a book on knitting basics in the mail by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Now I know my amazon ordering is a bit extreme, but I usually just don't forget ordering something. I looked at the receipt and it turns out a friend of mine sent it to me as a gift! Huzzah for good friends.

The same friend and I participated in the swap I mentioned a few posts ago. I sent him a scarf and several sundries (including school supplies because I am that geeky). He turned around and sent out a box that completely trumped mine (warning, picture heavy) after his trip to Oahu:

First a keychain with my name in Hawaiian. And yes, that is a Mighty Mouse keychain--I've had it since high school and I love it:

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Other side:

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The next picture is of two items. A mug that will soon be seeing a lot of chai tea and a keychain with the Dole Bear. I've named her Lao.

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Next, a postcard printed on a rare Hawaiian wood called Koa, sitting on top of a bus schedule/map going from Woodbridge to Awesometown:

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Lao wanted in on all of the pictures.

And finally, the thing that kept me laughing for the next half hour: A miniature mechanical daschund that I have named Clarence.

In his box:

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Getting used to his surroundings:

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Oh! He's gotten so excited he can't stop barking and wagging his tail!

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Those books and this box kept me going this weekend. I wouldn't have survived that paper otherwise. I hope Clarence will get me through the next paper.

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Anonymous said...

I would hardly say that my box trumped yours. I just don't have such a forum to express my gratitude.

Sounds like letter fodder to me.