Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am in love with this designer's work:


and I even like a pink one:

There is a knitting-related one that is pretty cool too:

You can specify colors for it. NEAT.

I would love to learn how to do something like that. I can imagine working in a basement with a work bench and little tools and a pair of glasses with a magnifier on one eye. And Mozart playing the background.

I have an exam tomorrow evening. I'm not too worried about it. I'm going to an all-day study session, so I should have everything under control by exam time. I also have a project that she is letting us turn in by Monday. I'm going to try and finish by Saturday though.

I am, however, going to the knitting store on Friday for celebration. I am going to start two new projects to work on during the next round of knitting classes. First, the Braided Fingerless Gloves for myself. Second, a pair of socks. I'm not sure how I feel about knitted socks. I don't know that I would ever wear them. Also, if the yarn and supplies from those two are not too expensive, I am going to pick up some supplies for a pair of Dashing. I know it says it is for a guy, but with a different color yarn it would work for me. The Pirate Mittens might be headed the way of the frog pond. I might have to restart them on different size needles because they are looking a little small.

I'm trying to control my yarn buying, which is why I haven't bought any for a month, working with what I've got, but I have all Christmas Break to knit. Huzzah! And maybe read a good book. I just absorbed Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher when I should have been doing homework. Good stuff.

For a little extra cash I might start substituting. It's not my dream job, but it is a lot more flexible than your average job, and it pays $90 a day. Just need to get a TB test and send a copy of my transcript over to the county school system.

I've got plenty of books to read over the break, but I wouldn't mind some TV or movie recommendations.

Cross your fingers with me that there will be no ice storm tomorrow. I do not want to drive home on 395 and 95 in the middle of an ice storm. People go a little crazy when there is fog here. Or a gnat hits their windshield.


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