Friday, December 5, 2008

No Worries, Still Procrastinating

A few days later, completing ignoring an obstinant paper that refuses to write itself, and voila:


Yes, my feet are that long. I haven't weaved in the ends yet because there are quite a few. One knot (so far) and the yarn was so loosely spun in some spots that it broke in my hand as I was knitting. I still love the rustic look though. I'm going to restrain myself and not cast on its mate until finals are over. Pffft.

Ok, admittedly, I'm not actually ignoring the paper. I've written two-thirds of it (and it's not due until Monday!) but I am having some serious organization problems. Once I deal with the pesky four-page introduction, all will be well.

Any tips on how to tie Foucault/Discipline and Punish/David Henry Hwang/M. Butterfly into a neat little bow of executiony goodness?

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