Friday, January 11, 2008

Monkey, My So Called Scarf

I meant to do a lot more knitting the past few days. I'm not sure what happened. My self got in the way. I've been letting a lot of things get to me lately, and I know I shouldn't. I lost a lot of friends when I left Blacksburg, and it hit hardest at the end of the semester. So many people I just don't talk to anymore, and I don't understand why we don't. I don't particularly want to track their lives through facebook or away messages, so I just won't anymore. Apathy helps.

Now, as for the knitting the past few days. Made a scarf which I'm pretty fond of, color and pattern:


I like making smaller items more because I lose interest after too much time doing the same pattern. My palindrome scarf is only a quarter of the way through and has been for a few months. It is not difficult, pretty simple cable.

The next project is a work in progress, and a bit of an adventure. First they are socks, which are new to me, and second, they have a lace pattern (albeit simple). This is my progress so far on the Monkey socks:


The picture is a little dark. I'm going to try and start taking my pictures outside for the lighting. I put it around an Altoid tin to show the lace best. I know the yarn is a little camo looking but I need something darker because my socks get beaten up and dirty.

I started a second pair Dashing and I am shortening them a bit. I will post pictures when I finish them of course.

Also, today I went through my book collection and removed about sixty books to get rid of. It is a little bit depressing, and I also need to get rid of more I think, or go the library more often. I just read too many obscure books to be found in the local libraries, and I also don't like to read hardcover books.

Classes start soon. I'm not looking forward to the end of my break. Ah well.

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