Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I freely admit, I am procrastinating

I am technically at work, although I have no work to do until later today. I'm really just sitting here wishing for a snow day, and cursing myself for not wearing my pajamas inside out last night. In the meantime, I can share my most recent knitted work (believe it or not I did actually finish my homework this weekend, by some miracle).

First, I started a second pair of pirate mittens in green and white:





I got the stitches for the thumb onto the needles, but my wrist was hurting so I decided to wait to knit that up. I will probably finish the pair on Saturday. It will have to wait until classes are done. Then they will need to be blocked out a little bit larger.

My other project is a hat for my grandmother. She is going through chemo and has lost most of her hair because of it, so I am making her two hats. First, Odessa, pictured below, and the Koolhaas hat, which I'm waiting on the yarn for. I will probably knit up a test hat in Cascade 220 before using the Malabrigo.

Picture of Odessa, and for the record, I hate stringing beads onto yarn with an otherworldly passion:


It looks a bit messy there, and I hope the finished result doesn't. I didn't have the smaller needles for the brim so I also hope that it doesn't turn out too large. Anyone have recommendations for a good (small) fleece cap I can give my grandmother along with it? I think the yarn overs will leave some holes she may not be comfortable with and it might need a lining.


Class is going okay. The topics seem a lot more advanced and difficult than last semester, but I also had some familiarity with everything I worked on last semester. I also just got the Shakespeare paper I was sweating over last semester back and got a 94 on it. If possible, I'd like to turn it into my Master's Thesis. It was a solid idea, and I could certainly expand on the topic. It would also be something of a relief to have a topic picked out for a thesis. Although, Shakespeare is so much discussed already, I don't know if I'd be adding anything new to the criticism. I'll have to talk to my advisor about it.

My new desk is in plain view of passersby now, and a lot of people are asking me for directions. I'm considering making them answer a riddle before I let them know where their destination is. I'll try and think of appropriate riddles for the next five hours I need to be at this desk.

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