Friday, November 16, 2007

The Next Month

Today I went to the bookstore. I had a coupon for 30% off a book, so I was hoping to find something something fun to read. Maybe The Green Rider by Britain. It looked like a good fantasy book/series that I could get into. I went to one of those big chain bookstores. While looking through the shelves, I began to wonder, did anyone teach these people the alphabet? Garrison Keiller right by Walt Whitman? But, but the sign says alphabetical by author! The Craft section is a joke. Knitting books are always mixed up, no matter the bookstore because of the variety of shapes and bindings, so I understand a little bit of confusion. But crochet and quilting mixed in with the knitting books? The reference books are just as much of a joke. It's so disappointing. In a time when I am so fed up with reading for school, almost to the point that I don't want to read at all, the bookstore is supposed to be a haven, relaxing, not frustrating. This is the problem of chain stores I guess.

I am tired. I have had bronchitis for the past week and I'm just now feeling better. The weight of a three-class graduate semester in English just sorta fell all at once on my head. Just thinking about the two research papers I need to write for Shakespeare and Roth makes me panic. My Syntax project looks promising. We analyze the clauses from some text out of any book of our choosing. I like that kind of work. But I'm still freaking out over those papers.

Wednesday night I went to see As You Like It at the Folger in DC. It was my first time seeing a Shakespearean play staged. I liked the director's interpretation, even if the woman playing Rosalind was a little flat.

I have two very tall stacks of library books in my room toppling over currently.

Haven't done a lot of knitting recently, not much time.

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