Monday, May 16, 2011

Carpal Tunn-hell

Like what I did with that blog post title? Full of punny goodness, with a dash of surety that nobody has ever been so clever as to use that pun before (or ever again).

I have carpal tunnel. The doctor did remark it was weird to see it in someone my age, but alas. He also said that I am slightly double jointed at the elbows. How can someone be slightly double jointed? Well, I have no idea. But I am.

My thoughts on the carpal tunnel? I’m sad. Really and very deeply sad. I have many hobbies, and they all require my right arm. Knitting is difficult. I haven’t tried sewing yet, but gripping scissors is painful enough that I can imagine. I have been reading a lot to fill the sudden void (Terry Pratchett is wonderful), but it doesn’t quite fill me up. And the very worst part? Barring surgery (which is not even on the plate right now), I will always have this. I will never be able to knit the way I did, and with the frequency I did before. I can’t blame anyone or any intangible entity. My overuse and lifestyle caused this. That, of course, makes it even worse. So. Sadness.

The brace I got today from the doctor is quite impressive. Think Wonder Woman’s cuffs but in black and with more velcro.

In happier news, I attended my very first fiber festival (and was in good company). Maryland Sheep and Wool was quite full of...well...sheep and wool.

Photographic evidence:



Additional sheepiness can be found in my Flickr set.

(Note: the following is a sampling of yarn purchased)




And not to forget, some projects I finished pre-carpal tunnel syndromes. I would describe them and hyperlink like a good little blogger, but my arm hurts, so find your way to my Ravelry page for details.



And now there is a rather large storm passing through. The wind is blowing so hard, my apartment building is shaking. Might be best to step away from the electronics for now.

Gimp out.

PS Since there really weren't any suggestions for a new blog title, I thought a universal truth would serve well.

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CarolynJean said...

I wouldn' t despair yet on the carpel tunnel. You might try some other therapies such as chiropracty or massage. I go to Dr. Judi Morris at Dahlgren Chiropractic and like her holistic approach. You might give it a try.