Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kindle vs. Nook

First, thanks to Carolyn and Phil for your comments. I am still torn between the Kindle and Nook.

Some of the important (for me) pros and cons I have noticed for each include:

Nook (Pros)
Replaceable battery
SD card
Screen (Reading is more comparable to book page)

Nook (Cons)
No Barnes and Noble remotely nearby
Software is still bit slow and buggy

Kindle (Pros)
Book selection
Software more stable
Ability to re-download deleted books

Kindle (Cons)
No memory expansion
No replaceable battery

I am going to give a poll a shot. My primary hangups right now are between the battery and the software. Although I do want to retain that book "feel" when reading, which the Nook seems to offer, I haven't really seen either to know. So, opinions please!

Nook or Kindle?
Kindle free polls

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CarolynJean said...

Well, you're welcome to come by my office and check out my Kindle. Plus I have a good friend in the building next door who has a Nook and I'm sure he would be happy to let you check it out as well.