Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flowers and a lot of Blue Yarn (Image Heavy)

I have been playing with my camera a lot recently. Maybe that's why I can't seem to put a blog post together! So here is a bit of a photo dialog of recent events.

Weaving is going well. I took the next step beyond plain weave and did a houndstooth pattern. The weaving was easy. The warping was a pain in the arse.


I have been getting out a bit more (gasp!). Yea, this one is a bit of a shock. First step out was at the Spotsylvania Courthouse Memorial Battlefield Park.

Saw the requisite cannon.


There were lots of spider webs.


They had just done a controlled burn, so the new growth was pretty interesting to look at.


A runner suggested I swing by the remains of an old house. Pretty neat.


The Dogwood trees were blooming.


I met a pretty accommodating moth, which perched still while I got my camera lens all straight.


And, despite normal horror over spiders, I had no trepidation over getting close to this little guy. And believe me, I did get close.


Just this morning I took a trip to Shenandoah National Park with Jen. I shot these all in RAW format, just to get a bit of practice processing the images. I thought it might give me a better feel over white balance.

I started off the morning looking for a shot like this, and finally found it as we were on our way out.


The angle of this shot intrigues me.


Jen pointed this scene out. I would have missed it totally otherwise. I wonder what the story behind this white tree is?


I did a close crop on this one because I'm pretty proud I got this level of focus when shooting in manual.


We stopped off in Culpeper for a rather unimpressive lunch. The place we wanted to go is closed on Sundays. But it is oh-so-lovely. The place we ended up going had "fresh warm bread," which I believe can be accurately translated as "microwaved croutons."


Oh yes, and the blue yarn. I shot photos of some of my stash again (for fun...I'm a nerd) and noticed the extreme preponderance of blue yarn. And this was in just two brands that I enjoy. It has been three months since I bought yarn, which is lucky. I think I have plenty.


Just to clarify, those are all different skeins. No matter how similar some of them look.  *headdesk*

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