Monday, October 10, 2011

One Year Ago

I've been having a difficult time the past couple of weeks. Pretty lethargic, despite an ever-growing to do list. Mostly because my mind has been on other things. I would really rather not go to work tomorrow, but there are meetings on the schedule, and I can't really justify it.

October 11th, last year, my grandma passed away. And I am discovering, the sadness from that loss doesn't really go away. It moves around the brain, like swirling water. And as the waves from that turbulence break, I sit in the quiet, and think of how dear she was.

She was good at so many things.



Gardening. Crossword puzzles. Killing palmetto bugs that were the size of Volkswagens to 12-year-old eyes.

Being a Grandma.


Card from Grandma

I'm thinking about you too, Grandmama. Thank you for all the love.

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