Sunday, August 21, 2011

I like Ramen

I’m such a bad blogger. I do THINK about blogging a fair bit, but it never seems to work out. But I was sick this week, and nothing seems to inspire me to write more than illness. And the best cure-all I know for being sick is Ramen noodles. My mom used to shovel it into us when we were young. I can’t say it really helped an upset stomach this week, but I survived, with only one day of work missed. Although I’m sure my coworkers think two days might have been better though. I had the vitality of a dish rag for two days. It would have been worse, if one of my super friends had not swooped in with anti-nausea meds on Monday (coincidentally, she also swooped in and gave me a ride to pick up my car at the shop). With all the swooping in my good friends do, they should really get frequent flyer miles.

Now, instead of overloading my readers with photos from the past two months, here are two collages covering the lot.

First, my super awesome cousin came to visit, and one of our many adventures was to Luray Caverns! So many pretty formations, so hard on my asthma. But it was a good way to spend a day averaging 110 degrees F.

Luray Caverns July 2011

Next up, some completed projects from August (and some yarn, for kicks).

Stranded mitts in progress, a cowl, a woven scarf, a hat, and some hexagons for a knitted quilt.


And here is a woven scarf, completed in July. Now, I am not typically one for pooling. I am usually a semi-solid girl, all the way, but my love of variegated yarn has left me with a pile of future projects begging to pool. And until now, I wasn’t sure what those yarns could be besides socks. I give you the Cringer scarf. The yarn was dyed for me as part of a trade. It is one of a kind, and I love how it pooled.


Cringer is my handle, and with good reason. I have a lot in common with that cat (except the whiskers). Timid nature, orange stripes, a hard plastic seam.


My carpal tunnel has been much better recently, although I am wary of overdoing it. I have been knitting a lot this weekend, so I think I will be good and vacuum now. And then maybe warp my next project...

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