Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are we there yet?

This week's blog title perfectly describes the past month and a half. I feel like I have been moving at full speed for a while now, but never quite finishing anything--at work or at home. On top of that, my Xbox died. I was using it mostly to watch DVDs, so it wasn't that big of a loss I guess.

Anyway, in an effort to resolve the stagnation, I am redirecting.

Ever since I moved from a townhouse to a single bedroom, fully packed boxes have sat in the basement. I will be moving again the beginning of next year, but the thought of moving ALL of this stuff makes me a little sick to my stomach. So, it is time for a purge. I have already gone through all of my old shoes. Clothes are next. Yarn isn't going anywhere. Then kitchen-ware. Yarn isn't going anywhere. Then the assortment of other things I have collected through the years. Yarn isn't going anywhere. Books will be the hardest. About two and a half years ago, during yet another move, I had to purge about half of my books. It is still a sore spot for me. I tear up a little just thinking about it. I have my Kindle now, which ensures that the collection space-wise won't grow much more. Except for the knitting books, need to have those in full color and size. Yarn and yarn-related items aren't going anywhere.

I am also going to try and knit some quick and easy type things that I can finish quickly. My current projects all require at least thirty to forty hours of knitting time apiece or more. So, I will try some dishcloths, Quincy [Ravelry Link], Selbu Modern [Ravelry Link], Lace-Edged Hat [Ravelry Link], and Grove [Ravelry Link]. I have a new collection of organic cotton for my dishcloths. Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton is pretty pricey, BUT I have never been happy knitting with any other cottons.

I got these at a discount:


Speaking of dishcloths, I finished some Doctor Who inspired dishcloths from the same ball of Malabrigo Organic Cotton. I have enough leftover to do another cloth too. They are unblocked in the pics, so they look a little messy.

The Tardis [Ravelry Link] (this dishcloth is bigger on the inside)


And a Dalek [Ravelry Link] (pattern is called EXFOLIATE!, which I think is just fantastic). And yes, the bobbles are JUST as annoying to make as they look.


Oh, and I got my new phone this week. A Droid. Love.

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