Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruby Vroooom

Isn't it strange the things that pop in your head in the middle of the day? Like that old Soul Coughing song, "Bus to Beelzebub." I spent a lot of time today on the phone, on hold, so I let that be my hold music. It kept me from reaching through the phone line and strangling the person on the other end.

Voulez-vous the bus?

And now for something completely different. Here is a baby jacket I finished:


And here is a view of my sewing table, with the orchid a very sweet coworker gave me for my birthday:


I am currently catching up with some emails (and blogging), so you might hear directly from me soon. Well you know, not you personally...just if I know you...yea...

It's a grind...


Anonymous said...

Awww... too cute. The orchid is gorgeous too. :-) I'm so glad my constant checking of your blog has finally paid off! LOVE YA' CUZ!

zametti said...


Rudee said...

I like you BSJ!