Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...the zed-word

I have a strange relationship with zombie movies. I can watch them, completely unbothered by any of the gore or horror, but that night I nearly always have nightmares. For example, in the wee hours Sunday morning, I dreamed about zombies coming out of the TV to eat me (a la The Ring). I suppose it was a bit funny. I kept trying to change the channel, but the batteries were dead. The zombies pressed their faces up against the screen at first, but eventually they were able to get through.

Well, on to the big news. I have been waiting for several weeks to mention anything because I was worried it would fall through, but it hasn't. So world: I HAVE A JOB. A good job. Involving technical writing, research, and some other neat things. I start on Monday. Whoa...

Have some finished knitted items I neglected to post about. More big news--my brother is expecting a little spawn all his own, so bring on the baby items:

Project: Baby Surprise Jacket [Ravelry Link] by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Green Eyed Monster
Needles: US 4 [3.5mm]
Size: Newborn
Recipient: Mason
Notes: Turtle buttons!!!



Project: Cable Rib Socks [Ravelry Link] by Erica Alexander
Yarn: Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport (1.2 skeins) in Baltic Sea
Needles: US 2 1/2 (3mm)
Recipient: Garrett
Notes: I made some sizing modifications on these socks--details on Ravelry


Project: Ravenclaw Scarf [Ravelry Link]
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Galway Worsted (3 1/2 skeins in blue, 1/2 skein in silver gray)
Needles: US 8 (5mm)
Notes: I started this for myself nearly two years ago and finally finished it. As for the Harry Potter inspiration--indulge me, folks.


I have finished several other projects, and if you are interested in seeing them, check out my flickr photostream.

Next blog post: Charleston, SC! I saw dolphins (in the wild), a pineapple fountain, cobblestones, clandestine pirate meeting places, and horse crap!


Anonymous said...

Now...I don't recall actually SEEING horse crap, just where the horse crap falls! Oh, and of course with all the awesome stuff to see you'd have to bring THAT up. As if SC doesn't do a good enough job looking bad on its own! :-)

Lauren R said...

Congratulations on the job!!

(I am going to be graduating in Spring - heaven help me....)

Heather said...

what a lovely assortment of projects you have shown.

jokjak said...

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