Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello, my friends

First, thanks for the well-wishes in the last post.

Although I enjoy hearing the owls hooting at night, and the eagles calling in the morning, I do miss my friends. It is a lonely life, out in the country.

My running is improving, but I was a bit too lazy about it last week, and slacked off. The week before that I was visiting my grandmother and only ran one day. Wah. That's my fault though.

I have finished some knitted things, but I have been working on the sewing mostly.

Nearly finished a bag, although I am not happy with it. If you look closely you can see the pins. I am very proud of making the pleats though.


Made a tote bag out of a batik that I wasn't wild about. Misread the instructions and screwed up on one of the sides, so the bottom panel is a little off, but it isn't bad.


Made some kitchen towels with a decorative stitch, just to practice sewing in a straight line.


I can barely walk in a straight line on most days (just clumsy, folks), so I'm not sure why I expect to be able to sew in a straight line.

I think I might try to apply for a specialist position at the nearest Target since my job hunt in the corporate sphere hasn't been going anywhere.

Take care, my friends.


Phil said...

Miss you.

eligoodwin said...

See...this is what happens when I stop looking for posts on your blog and start looking on Ravelry...You switch up on me! :-) You're too hard on yourself. Your bags are great! Love ya!