Friday, October 3, 2008



Today I went to an oral surgeon. When my wisdom teeth were cut out, a bit of gum went willy nilly and decided to grow over top of one of my back teeth. So today, they cut out a piece of my gum and some bone too. I was numbed for the procedure, but it isn't the most pleasant thing to listen to. Essentially the guy took a scalpel and sawed out a little piece of my mouth. Not all the way though. He took some tweezers and yanked until it was out. (Don't take this to mean he did a poor job, as oral surgeons go, he was an excellent doctor). I was tempted to ask if I could keep the little piece and put it in a small vial on a necklace. A keepsake, you know. Like those people that get their named engraved in grains of rice. Too far? Yea, that was particularly gross, even for me. Right now my stomach is seriously upset from swallowing blood. They gave me a whole line of pharmaceuticals including an antibiotic and Vicodin (like House). It will heal in six-eight weeks. I wish I would have considered this before signing up for a forty minute presentation in class on Monday. Irony, woot...


Finished a Kureyon Scarf. Can't seem to ever take a decent picture of a scarf, but here it is:


Used four different balls of Kureyon (can't remember the colorways) on size 7 needles. Just a simple 1x1 rib scarf a la Jared Flood's.

Finished the Hedera socks by Cookie A:


No mods, made them exactly to specs.

Going to go lie down now, for the reasons listed in the first paragraph. Hopefully will get some homework done today. Got just about everything except for the presentation finished. I was feeling exceptionally studious this week...


Lauren - the weird lauren she thinks said...

If it makes you feel any better, I ended up getting my gums cut in high school after my braces were taken off. The worst part was the four needles - the nurse had to hold my hand and I was CRUSHING hers.
After that, everything was dandy. I think I kept talking about hamsters while I uh, watched them do their thing. I think I do better at the dentist / orthodontist than I do at the doctor's because if I am ever extremely panicked, I can just bite their fingers.

That sounds incredibly juvenile. >.>

Knitting looks good. ;)

Emily said...

It is not juvenile! And I'm not saying that because I did bite my last dentist. I blame the nitrous...